About Yaahssogah

Yaahssogah is a New Religion, probably the newest on Earth; one that I, Donald IfesinaChi Chijioke Nwokolo (Dicn) founded and told human beings for the first time on the 8th day of February 2021; the same day I made this post.

It is an offshoot of Christ Yeshua’s Ministry, just like the Christian Religion.

However, it has its own Holy Book.

It is not against the Christian Religion but it does not agree with a handfull of their Standards, Ideologies and some Borrowed UnChristly Practices.

It is yet to be opened to the public, thus has only me, the founder- Donald IfesinaChi Chijioke Nwokolo (Dicn) as its member at the moment.

Anyone who claims to be a member of this religion: Yaahssogah, before I do a Physical Public Presentation and also Personally Announce it, is a liar.

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